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NISMO Face Mask - Black Woven Nylon ##660192184

NISMO Face Mask - Black Woven Nylon ##660192184

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- Size: Free size
- Surface (logo surface): 100% polyurethane
- Back: 100% woven nylon
- Made in JAPAN

- This is the mask that was developed by volunteers from shoemakers in Kobe, Japan.
- They developed the mask making the most out of their 3D sewing technology of making shoes to fit perfectly to the shape of the face.
- As for the materials for the mask, using the Nylon and Urethane often used for the shoe, they are light, tough, moisture-wicking, and breathable.

■ Bacteriostatic / Antibacterial deodorant
- Using the bacteriostasis and antibacterial deodorant material for contacting to face side.
- Knead a ceramic antibacterial agent into its thread, the mask is wear-resistant, and its antibacterial effect doesn’t decline.

■3D Type Mask
- Using Polyurethane material made the mask light, tough, and gives high elasticity. Also, they are moisture-wicking and breathable, easy-to-breath!

■Can wash and use repeatedly
- We recommend washing by hand with cold water.
  (Depending on the frequency of use, the fabric may fray and lose its elasticity.)
- If the brand new mask has some odor, please wash it once before use.

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